Once we have discussed your business needs and goals, I can provide you with a tailored service package that aligns with your requirements. We can establish clear communication channels, set expectations, and establish timelines to ensure that our collaboration is seamless and efficient. With my expertise and dedication to quality service, I’m committed to helping you achieve your business objectives while saving you time and resources. So, let’s collaborate and take your business to the next level!

Guru Singh is a revered spiritual teacher and Kundalini yoga expert, renowned for seamlessly integrating ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. With a career spanning decades, his teachings resonate for their practical guidance and holistic approach to well-being.

Status: Ongoing

Also led by Guru Singh, this community caters to individuals passionate about yoga and mindfulness.

Status: Ongoing

Specializing in marketing and advertising strategies designed for business leaders steering growth. Our dedicated team focuses on amplifying your brand’s presence through targeted campaigns tailored to your unique challenges and goals.

Status: Completed October 2023

My main tasks is to manage Facebook Ads targeting quality leads and integration thru GoHighLevel CRM. Qualify leads by managing pipeline funnels and automate email marketing using triggers.

I partly manage the WordPress website by integrating forms to ensure that all leads coming from the website are captured and automatically integrated into GoHighLevel CRM.

Status: Completed January 2024

Bace Productions is an events company and celebrates a music festival called Musica é Vita every year.

I created and manage the website using WordPress. This includes online selling of tickets and merchandise while managing the products stocks, sales and shipping. I also manage the integrations and automations of forms and email campaigns.

Status: On Going

Michele Jones is a life coach and her main coaching program is LYBL – Live Your Best Life. I manage the website backend and create landing pages and funnels at the same time managing automation and integration.

I also edit the raw videos from webinars and convert them into video reels and clips to use in her social media accounts.

Status: Complete April 2023

Base in New Zealand for kids Martial Arts. I worked as a social media manager creating blog post, editing raw videos for reels, video clips for Instagram post and editing photos and images.

I also run the weekly and monthly email campaign for current promotions and activities.

Status: Complete September 2022

A CrossFit gym base in New Zealand.. I worked as a Social Media Manager and overall Virtual Assistant managing email campaigns, booking and reservations and video and graphic editor.

I was managing the Facebook and google ads for lead generation campaign and traffic campaign.

Status: Complete September 2022

A Chiropractic clinic base in New Zealand. I worked as a General Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager. The clinic also has a studio that offers Yoga and High Intensity Training Classes.

I edit videos and images and manage bookings and reservations. Setup email campaigns for Chiropractic and Studio class services.

Status: Complete November 2022

A health and safety consultation company by Matt Jones base in New Zealand.

I worked as a General Virtual Assistant managing GoHighLevel CRM integrating Facebook Ads for lead generation and sales. This also includes creating landing pages and funnels then managing pipelines for email campaign integration.

Status: Complete March 2022

In addition to my regular services, I also offer project-based collaborations that include video editing, creating Shopify websites, and providing customer email support, among others. I would be delighted to set up a meeting with you to discuss these projects in detail and answer any questions you may have. Let’s work together to bring your ideas to life!

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